Privace Policy

Privacy Policy of the website Fragola Apartments

In the Fragola Apartments we respect your right to privacy. Below we provide our attitude as for collecting, processing and using the information on users and contractors.

Updating 21.08.2018


  1. What is the objective of the Privacy Policy?


The present Privacy Policy lays down rules for processing and protecting the personal data provided by the Users in connection with the use of by them.


  1. Who manages the collected data?


The administrator of the personal data compiled on the service is Fragola Apartments Paweł Jaworek, 31-153 Kraków, ul. Szlak 50/423, NIP 6492245896.


  1. What do we do to protect your safety?


For the security of data we receive, we have developed the internal procedures and instructions which are intended to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. We control their execution and we keep checking their compliance with the relevant legal acts – regulations on personal data protection, the Law on Provision of Electronic Services, as well as all kinds of implementing acts and the Community legislation.

The personal data left on shall not be sold nor made available to any third parties, pursuant to the provisions of the Data Protection Regulation.


  1. On what basis we can process the collected data?


The Personal Data is processed based on the consent given by a User and in the cases when the law regulation empower the Administrator to process the personal data based on the legislation or in order to accomplish the agreement concluded between the parties.


  1. What data collects


The website allows keeping the anonymity of users during their stay on the website until they decide otherwise. It collects the data contained in system logs (e.g. IP address) for technical purposes (related to the administration of servers) and in order to gather general demographic information (e.g. the region where the connection is made), which results from the general rules for connections made in the Internet).

The carries out the function related to the information acquisition about users and their conduct in the following way:

1.a) through information which is voluntarily submitted in the forms

2.b) through collection of „cookies” files


  1. What is the policy concerning the „cookies” files?


Your Internet browser may store the text files („cookies”) on your computer disc. In the cookies files there is information necessary for proper operation of the websites. However, the personal data is not processed or stored there.

The cookies files used by may be of temporary or permanent nature. The temporary cookies files are deleted while closing the Internet browser, the permanent cookie files are stored even after stop using services provided by the website.

The website stores the cookies files in the users’ computers in order to:

  • keep the User’s session
  • make the website and the content displayed on it more relevant to Users’ needs as well as its optimisation (e.g. optimisation depending on the equipment used, on which the website is displayed)

There is a possibility to configure your website in such manner so that to make any storing or gathering of information upon your hard drive impossible. Remember that it may result in the improper functioning of the website or lack of access to certain functionalities of the


  1. How do the forms work?


The data provided by the users in the forms (e.g. contact) is processed for reason based on the function of a given form e.g. in order to contact Fragola Apartaments. The provision of the data through the forms and sending it to the Administrator requires each time a separate consent expressed by a user.


  1. May other entities have access to the data?


The website uses Google. The service refers to a website viewing analysis service (making reports and other services related to the movement on the website and use of Internet). Google uses cookies files. The information collected by cookies on using the website by a user is to be provided to Google company. Google has the right to communicate the owned information to third parties, if such obligation occurs on the legal basis or in case when these parties process the data on behalf of Google.

Similarly, uses the services of the third parties such as: Facebook.


  1. How do we respect your rights?


Every user has the possibility to choose whether and to what extent they want to use our services and share the information on themselves. You have the right to view their personal data, its correction, deletion or limitation of its processing. You may also object to process the data, transfer it as well as you may lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority when you consider that the further processing is not stipulated by currently applicable law regulations.

You have also the right to withdraw the consent at any time; the withdrawal of the consent does not affect the data processing which has been done based on the consent before its withdrawal.


  1. What might change in the Privacy Policy in the future?


The world is moving so fast and so are we. The development of technology and development of the offer from cause that the Privacy Policy may change. We will inform you on any changes on this website. Our goal is to provide your data protection as much as possible. Help us and fulfill your duty to be familiar with the current Privacy Policy on